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Charleston, SC Lawn Aeration Information

Aeration Fact Sheet

Weed Man Charleston, SC's core aeration will help give your lawn a much-needed boost. Allowing your Charleston, SC turf to look and perform its best.

What is core aeration?

  • Core aeration is the removal of small cores of soil and thatch from your lawn.

Why aerate your lawn?

  • Aeration will overcome a compacted soil. Compacted soils make it difficult for roots to grow and limit the movement of air, moisture and fertilizer throughout the SC soil.

  • Aeration will reduce your water requirements. By relieving soil compaction, water penetration is increased and water runoof is reduced.

  • If your lawn has a thick layer of thatch, aeration will punch through that layer and improve air, water and nutrient penetration. This will enhance the development of a deep root system. A deeply rooted lawn will be healthier and better able to withstand drought, disease and insect stress.

    Aeration Timeline

What is Thatch?

  • Thatch is a layer of un-decomposed living and dead plant parts which restricts root development and forms a good harbor for disease and insects.

Weed Man Charleston, SC can provide your lawn to determine how thick your thatch layer is. A desirable thatch thickness is ½ inch or less.

Close Up of Lawn Thatch

How is aeration done?

  • Weed Man Charleston, SC's specially designed aeration equipment consists of a series of hollow coring tines. When these tines are rolled over the lawn, they puncture the soil, systematically removing small soil plugs. The equipment is compact and can easily be used in confined areas.

  • The cores of soil and thatch are pulled up by the machine and left on the lawn, as they contain beneficial microorganisms that will help to break down the remaining thatch.

  • They will disappear back into the lawn in seven to 10 days or with the first mowing. Raking the cores to break them up will speed up their disappearance from the lawn surface.

When should aeration be done?

  • The frequency of aeration depends on the condition of the lawn.

  • Aeration may be done 1 or 2 times a season. It is usually done in the spring and in the fall when the soil is moist.

Ask Charleston, SC for an analysis and to make recommendations for a healthier more beautiful lawn!


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